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Show which concepts point to a specific inverse relations

Denmark would like to propose an enhancement for the IHTSDO Browser regarding being able to show which concepts point to a specific (inverse relations)

The use case is that you wish to know which concepts is pointing to the concept in focus e.g. an observable entity 267065001 |Urine appearance (observable entity)| via a relation as in the example |Interprets (attribute)|.



You will then be aware of the possible concepts that can be possible result of an observable as for the above example for urine appearance.


Request submitted by


Palle Gerry Petersen

National Release Center, Denmark

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This has now been implemented in the browser under the 'References' tab in the concept detail view.

It does not work correctly. If you have choosen | Urine appearance (observable entity)| the reference |Interprets (attribute)| should show 12 concept and not only |

Finding of urine appearance (finding)| as it is right now.

Sorry for the late reply!

It does not Work correctly. If you look at |Urine appearance (observable entity) there should be 12 concept with the Interprets (attribute) pointing to |Urine appearance| and not only |Finding of urine appearance (finding)|

Works for me now.

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