There are maps between SNOMED CT and:

  • ICD-O-3 codes
  • Legacy SNOMED codes (e.g. codes used in SNOMED RT and SNOMED 3)
  • UK NHS Read Codes / NHS Clinical Terms Version 3 

These maps are distributed as part of the International Release of SNOMED CT. They are represented using the SNOMED CT "Simple Map Type Reference Set" file format.

See in the Technical Implementation Guide (TIG) online or the TIG download (2014-01-31).

The new IHTSDO Browser at also provides a way to see these other codes (although it does not support searches by these codes).  To use the browser in this way:

a) Search for a term you are interested in

b) Select the required concept from the search list

c) Click the "Refsets" tab in the right hand window and you will see corresponding codes from ICD-O-3, NHS CTV3 and legacy SNOMED RT where these are relevant.


As the browser described is a beta and the instructions above are liable to change. In particular the "Refsets" tab might be renamed "Maps" ... but also other changes can occur during the current agile development cycle.