Under most circumstances, SNOMED users in the UK should be accessing information about usage and implementation through the UK’s SNOMED CT National Release Center, which is the UK Terminology Centre (UKTC). As SNOMED International’s partner in the UK, UKTC is aware of the challenges facing SNOMED CT antecedent users.

For more information about SNOMED CT in the United Kingdom including licensing, requests for new terms, training and advice, including how to obtain the UK Edition of SNOMED CT and related products, please visit http://systems.hscic.gov.uk/data/uktc/. For any specific enquiries related to SNOMED CT please contact the UKTC helpdesk via information.standards@hscic.gov.uk.

For questions about compliance in other Member countries, please contact your National Release Center by going to http://www.snomed.org/members/ and clicking on the appropriate country.