SNOMED CT E-Learning Courses

IHTSDO provides several E-Learning courses about SNOMED CT. To see public access learning materials or to sign up for a free account and apply to join the SNOMED CT Foundation Course please follow this link:

Documents and Resources

The SNOMED CT Documentation Library provides access to a range of guides, specification and other useful resources. You can visit the library by following this link:

Browsing SNOMED CT content

IHTSDO provides an online SNOMED CT browser to allow you to explore the content of SNOMED CT, this is available at A range of other SNOMED CT browsers are listed at

Important Notes

  1. Openly accessible browsers are only for exploration of SNOMED CT and are not licensed for any business or clinical use.
    1. Use of SNOMED CT requires a license see
    2. The IHTSDO Browser is an open source project and may be subject to change and periods of non-availability resulting from upgrades.

Additional information

For other information about SNOMED CT see