To assist in the migration of legacy data from SNOMED II (1979) and SNOP (1965), a "Bridge File" (mapping table) is available which links each legacy code to its corresponding code in the first release of SNOMED CT (note these are same identifier as in SNOMED RT).

The bridge file is included in the SNOMED CT International Release distribution. The file are locating the following subdirectory:

  • SnomedCT_Release_INT_[YYYYMMDD]\RF1Release\OtherResources\BridgeFiles.

The file for mapping from SNOMED 2 is in the zip archive:

  • File name: SNO2-SRT10_Bridge.txt
  • This is a tab delimited file with column headings
  • Column 1: CODE is the SNOMED code
  • Column 4: ConceptId is the SNOMED CT Concept identifier
  • (note that the target ConceptId in SNOMED RT are the same as the identifiers in SNOMED CT)