(Please note that only territories, meaning a country, nation or state, can become Members of SNOMED International.  Although individuals and groups are not eligible for membership, they can participate in SNOMED International activities through Advisory Groups, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Project Groups, and other means.  We encourage interested parties to sign up to receive our newsletter and to apply for a Confluence account in order to become active in projects.)

We welcome countries interested in adopting SNOMED CT and becoming Members of the organization. Around the world, there is increasing recognition that electronic health records foster improvements in health outcomes and in the efficiency of health services. Patients can benefit, as can healthcare providers and health systems. These gains depend on the safe exchange of clinical information. Standardized clinical terminology is a key to moving forward.


SNOMED International has 30 Member countries that share an interest in collective progress. Together, our Members have committed to jointly govern SNOMED CT and to influence its ongoing further development.


As an SNOMED International Member, you join a global community with shared assets, common needs, and a commitment to exchanging experiences and working together on shared priorities. You can leverage your investment in a robust, sustainable and standardized health terminology, thereby reducing potential long-term risks associated with the implementation of electronic health records.


In order to become an SNOMED International Member, the following steps are required:


1. Ensure that you are eligible to be a Member as described in the Articles of Association (please see clause 4.2.1). 

2. Contact your regional Customer Relations Executive.

2. Fill in the “Membership Application Form,” available from your Customer Relations Executive.

3. Submit the scanned Membership Application Form by email to info@snomed.org and send the signed original to SNOMED International, One Kingdom Street, Paddington Central, London W2 6BD, UK.

4. We will then submit your application to the Management Board for approval (usually within a week).

5. Upon approval, the Joining Fee and Annual Fee must be paid within 30 days. The fees are based about Gross National Income levels determined by the World Bank.  The Joining Fee is the equivalent to one full year's Membership Fee and is a one off payment.  The Membership Fee is annual and prorated to the number of months left in the calendar year.

6. Upon payment, the territory formally becomes a Member and SNOMED CT access is arranged.