1. Do I have to consume SNOMED CT on a monthly basis?

    • The change to monthly releases of the SNOMED CT International Edition only changes your current process if you or your Member National Release Centre decides to consume frequent releases, or an affiliate chooses to access a recent release.  

  2. Will release notes to support monthly releases of SNOMED CT continue to be available? 

    • Yes. Abbreviated release notes accompany each monthly release.

  3. Will a Members’ release continue to be made available? 

    • The move to monthly releases means that a SNOMED CT Members’ release is no longer required.

  4. Is the format of the release the same?

    • Yes. The format of the release remains the same, with the exception of the delta files, which no longer form part of the Release packages. If you still require Delta files, a Delta Generation service allows users to create their own Delta between two fixed release dates.

  1. Are the dates for requesting changes to SNOMED CT impacted with the move to monthly releases?

  • No, Content Request Service (CRS) timelines for requesting changes to SNOMED CT remain the same.

  1. Who can I contact for more information?