SNOMED International uses GoToMeeting for most of its teleconferencing functions.

GoToMeeting can be used from a Windows PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android devices, or a phone. Up to 25 people can join a GoToMeeting. For larger events (up to 1000 attendees), the organizer can request GoToWebinar through the same system.

The advantages of GoToMeeting are that:

       Everyone (except those on a phone) can see who is speaking;

       The organizer can mute/un-mute people as required;

       They can be accessed from anywhere via a wide variety of devices;

       You can share screens and/or see faces;

       You can easily record meetings (audio and video).

Committees, SIGs, project groups, etc. that need to meet can utilize GoToMeeting by contacting  See other FAQs for more information.