Set up a recurring meeting.

If you are organizing SIG or Project Group meeting or any other meeting that uses a special GoToMeeting login that we have set up and that gets deactivated between meetings, here is the easiest strategy:

Create one single GoToMeeting URL and use that for all of your meetings now and in the future.

You can then use that same URL on all of your agendas for all of your meetings, regardless of when they take place.

Please do the following:

1.      Write to to let us know that you need your account activated.

2.      Go to

3.      Login using your special login and password.

4.      Under ”My Meetings,” click on ”Schedule a meeting.”  

5. Enter a broad name for the meeting, such as ”Dentistry SIG meetings”

6. Under ”Occurs,” click on ”Multiple Times.”  That is the key to being able to use the URL again and again.

7. Check ”VoIP” and ”Long distance number for.”

8. If you have any meeting participants from countries not in the ”Long distance number for” list, such as Israel or Malaysia, check those and only those boxes under ”Toll-free number.”  If there are countries not listed under ”Long distance number” or ”Toll-free number,” that means GoToMeeting does not support phone numbers in those countries, so people from there will need to use the URL or find another strategy, such as calling a number by phone or internet service (such as Skype Out) in a different country.

9. If an IHTSDO staff member is a regular participant, you can try to enter his or her email address under ”Organizers” so that he or she can be a co-organizer (whichever one of you logs on first starts the meeting).

10. Do not enter a password.

11. Click ”Schedule”

12. Click ”Select All.”

13. Copy the text.

14. Paste the text into a calendar invitation or email to invite your participants, and paste it onto your agenda.

Now you do not need to set up the meeting anymore.  You can use that same URL anytime you want.  You could use it for your regular monthly or weekly meetings, and also for any special meetings that comes up. BUT you still need to let know when your meetings are so we can activate and deactivate your account.