We have had a very small number of reports of presentation completion not being marked in the way described. There is a simple way to resolve this as noted below which should take only a minute or two to complete. Also below we explain the potential causes of this issue.

How to resolve the issue


To resolve this issue when it occurs, please proceed as follows:


  1. Reload the presentation. 
  2. Select 'No' in response to the 'Resume' prompt.
  3. Click the Next button as soon as the first slide loads.
  4. Each time the next slide loads click the Next button again.
  5. When you reach the last slide close the viewer window.
  6. The completion tick should now appear against the presentation.

What causes this problem

There are two known causes for this issue:

1) Internet connectivity issues while viewing the presentation

  • This may prevent the browser from updating the E-Learning server with viewing data. 
  • If run the presentation again you may see some slides are not greyed out in the menu because the E-Learning server does not know that you viewed them.

  • The connection problem may not have stopped you continuing to view the presentation as it has already been buffered (i.e. downloaded into a temporary file on your system).

2) If the menu is used to navigate between slides at any point during the presentation in such a way that some slides are not viewed.

  • Using the menu to jump between slides may lead to some slides not being visited.
  • If run the presentation again you may see the slides that were skipped over are not greyed out in the menu because they have not been viewed.

Additional information

Incidence: Low - 0.5% of successful presentation views.

The first 5 instance of this issue were reported in a period during which more than 1,000 presentations were successfully viewed. Only 4 of 500 users were affected with one of these user reporting two-instances and the other three reporting only one instance each. Three of the five instances were associated with known connectivity issues reported by the user.