If you are asked to reset your password to login there are three possible reasons.

  1. In rare circumstances where there are concerns about the pattern of use of an account we may reset it. However, this is very unusual so it you are repeatedly (more than once in a month!) asked to reset your password then consider the following points.

  2. Most reports of repeatedly having to reset a password are actually problem with entry of the username rather than the password. The reason this will seem like a password problem is that when you reset the password you can get into your account without entering your username. So if this does happen to you then please reset your password one more time and this time go to the Edit profile option to view (and if you wish change) your username.
    Note that your username cannot contain any capital (uppercase) characters. 

  3. If you still have problems there is one other point to consider.  

It is always best to login using the fields at the top-right of the screen.

Always click the arrow   >    button (rather than pressing the Enter/Return key). On some pages the Enter/Return key will submit data from another field on the page - particularly on the login and reset password page.