The move from the previous methods of document publication to use of the Confluence platform means that it is possible for those with accounts on SNOMED International Confluence to review the history of pages in our documentation (see image below). Additionally, where relevant previous versions of a document published as PDF files will be linked to the Confluence publication.

There is a transitional period during which the use of this mechanism is not as useful as we would like. This is a result of two factors:

  • Many of the changes you see using this approach result from technical formatting and hyperlink changes required in the transition. 
  • Much of the original documentation was part of a single 700 page document called the Technical Implementation Guide (TIG). This has been subdivided into a set  of documents that are more specifically focused. As a result many documents published in Confluence during 2016 need to be compared with the relevant section of the final version of the full TIG (2015-01-31).

Published documents are divided into three main categories: Technical Specifications, Introductory Guides, and Practical Guides. Significant changes to technical specifications will be documented and changed or added material will be highlighted during a review period. In the case of other documents, changes may be made more frequently in response to comments and requests for clarification. However, where there are proposals for substantive changes to guidance these changes will also be document and highlighted for a review period. Changes to documents that correct typographical errors or add clarity by means of format revisions will only be considered documented and highlighted where they are liable to result in substantial changes to interpretation.

  • The entry point for our documentation resources is the SNOMED International Document Library
  • To submit specific comments and/or suggested changes related to a document please use the Feedback button at the bottom of the page to which your comment applies.
  • To ask questions about topics covered in the documentation please email these to
  • To comment on the documentation change management process please email these to