The SNOMED International office is located at 

One Kingdom Street 

Paddington Central

London W2 6BD


To enter the office:

Enter the building at One Kingdom Street. At reception, register your name with the receptionist and state that you are there to visit IHTSDO. You will then be issued a pass that will take you through security. At the lift, press "4" on the lift console. Enter the Regus Office and ask the receptionist for help in finding the IHTSDO office.

There is instant coffee down the hall, but there are cafes (including Starbucks) and take-out restaurants very near to One Kingdom Street. Coffee drinkers may want to buy their own before entering the building.

Booking the office:

Anyone who uses the office as a meeting space needs to ensure that it is booked in advance with SNOMED International staff so that we can keep track of who is using it and avoid conflicts and double bookings. Please request a booking by writing to with the meeting date and time, meeting name, and participants's names. Meetings must be directly related to SNOMED International business.