The information here (migrated from Confluence) applies to the SNOMED International Modeling and Terminology Release Advisory Groups, and not to members of other AGs. The information below has been copied from responses to questions about how the policy is interpreted and applied in given situations. 


SNOMED International reimburses your travel expenses related to attending the face to face meetings of the Advisory Groups (AGs) in which you participate. The travel policy is the source of truth for the rules governing reportable expenses related to participation in SNOMED International AGs. The travel policy is here:

  • When reporting expenses for reimbursement, please use the PO number provided. For AG meetings in Wellington, New Zealand, in October 2016: the PO number is GT160020. This applies to both AGs.

  • Although the AG face to face meeting coincides with the Conference, we are covering travel costs for the AG meetings only, and not the business meetings (or the Expo, in October).

  • Accommodation Expenses: See travel policy section 7, Accommodation Expenses. The exact duration of the travel is considered to be "number of meeting days + 1"; we will reimburse you for this number of hotel nights.

    • You may use your judgment to adjust travel dates, and therefore number of hotel nights, if doing so would reduce the cost of flights, and the overall cost.

    • When reserving a hotel room, please use the hotel where we have reserved a block of rooms at a negotiated price. If there are no rooms left by the time you book, the travel policy applies with regard to cost.

  • Air and Rail Transportation Expenses: See travel policy section 8, Air and Rail Transportation Expenses. For all flights related to AG travel, the class of cabin is capped at premium economy or equivalent. If you are unsure of what this means on any given airline, we can provide as case by case interpretation on request. But, we regret, no business class flights.

    • Some AG members book multi-city flights because they have multiple commitments on the same trip. If you do this please provide comparison quotes to demonstrate clearly that the reported expense reflects the cost of traveling to and from the IHTSDO AG meeting, and is not related to non-IHTSDO commitments.

  • Travel advances: See section 13 in the travel policy. You can ask for an advance, which will be deducted when you report the expenses. You would have to justify the sum, e.g. for cost of flight. If you need to apply for an advance on your travel costs please see the topic “How do I request a travel advance?” here:


    • Alternatively, you could buy and pay for the flight/hotel/other and report it immediately. IHTSDO will begin the process the reimbursement process, enabling you to receive the reimbursement quickly. Then report subsequent expenses later.